Rosy Hardy’s Gardening Blog - The beauty of the Coccolith

Rosy Hardy’s Gardening Blog - The beauty of the Coccolith

Rosy Hardy discusses the feature sculpture in the Chelsea garden and her inspiration behind this.

Why have we used the pattern we have, for the feature sculpture within the garden?

Who could not marvel at the beauty and intricacy of this structure?

What is it?

This is a Coccosphere, or in simple terms a group of phytoplanktonic creatures from the Jurassic period, individually known as Coccolithophores.

Chalk is an amazing sedimentary layer, laid down when our seas were at 20 degrees centigrade.
I would have loved to have been around then to scuba dive in such amazing waters with so much incredible life.  Using this wonderful matrix we designed both our sculpture and the coccolith stepping stones.

A coccolith is the skeletal remains of the creature, which is what we see today under the microscope within chalk.

The vision was to make the sculpture look as though it is floating above the source of the crystal clear waters of the chalk stream.  Models help with the idea giving a 3D aspect, to iron out any flaws. With the help of our in-house architect we were able to make an initial model. From this not only do we see how the sculpture will sit within the garden but also where we need contouring.

Going on from that, is the realisation of how to forge this in Aluminium and also how to make the whole thing work.

Attention to detail is the way to make all of these plans come into realisation. Sketches always help to consolidate the ideas; but although they give a certain perspective you still need to have working models.

This is where modern computerisation comes into its fore. The foresight is brought into reality, showing the floating Coccosphere with the elevated path going through. The designer’s vision is visible giving everyone a great perspective of the idea.

The process from here on is to have the model in physical pieces at a 5th size to make sure the joints work and look exactly as required. It is from this stage that foundry casts will be made. Once made there is the possibility of changing colour. This can be an endless task as it can be spray painted to give any effect required. Definite decisions have to be taken.

Who knows what the finished Sculpture colour and texture will be?
That is for you to wait and find out....